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Bringing your dream colletion to life

Clients in United States, Canada, Chile, Dominican Republic, Panama, Ecuador, United Kingdom, Turks and Caycos Island, St Marteen. they already trust our service

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Design, Service, Full Package.

We provide your company with effective solutions throughout the chain of production.

During the last years we have provided our services to dozens of clients throughout the world.

We have had clients in  the United States, Canada, Chile, Dominican Republic, Panama, Ecuador, United Kingdom, Turks and Caycos Island, St Marteen and Colombia.

Our Products 

We are a company with more than 50 years of experience, Swimwear, girdles and sportswear.

In addition to bringing a lot of experience with our traditional clothing lines, we have extensive experience in size reduction garments, and plus size garments.

We have had such successful developments that we have participated in tv shows such us Shark Tank  showing these innovations.


Fashion Trends

We attend international fairs to study the market trends for  suggest to you new developments, maximize and make real all his good ideas

We manufacture in accordance to each market, understanding that the pattern and grading is not the same everywhere.

Fabric and Accesories

We have developed strong partnerships with qualified fabric suppliers, 

We work with the best Colombian fabrics recognized worldwide for their quality, however we have commercial relationships with fabric factories in Brazil and Italy.

Permanent update of developments and new proposals


Sampling Process

Sample stage is an opportunity to inspect fit, design and quality before production. 


The sample process is important to ensure you are 100% happy with the product before production commences


We understand that printing makes your garment unique, so we have a printing department with the latest technologies and environmentally friendly pigments to make this possible. we also have Puff Printing (High Relief) and Embroidery



Manufacturing Process


We are specialized in the manufacture of Knitted Garments.,we have installed capacity to produce 20,000
garments per month - Lead times may be agreed.

Flexible and versatile processes to suit the size of your 
orders or the amount of items you need.

Team with experience, ability and skill to deliver the quality that allows you to compete in international markets

Labelling and  Packing

We have all kinds of labels and labels so that you can customize the product, we also have the latest technology in heat press label where we achieve high durability and zero cracking.

We have many packaging options according to your requirement, many of these environmentally friendly



We ship your merchandise to any city in the world


We always use DHL.

Once your order is complete, we deliver up to 24 hours to United States and up to 72 hours to Europe

International commercial terms

All our products do not paying tariffs in the United States, South America and Europe.

All our merchandise is delivered at the door of your business.
You do not have to worry about  customs fees. Our sales are DDP Delivered Duty Paid.

For customers in the United States, their purchases will be recorded as a purchase from a national supplier, and payments can be made through deposit at a bank, local check, Zelle. Avoiding bank fees for international wires.

In addition, we have a customer service office in Miami and Atlanta where you can always find a person to solve your concerns.


Ready to start?

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Getting Starting

This page lays out in  easy steps how to get started on your samples. You may be a start-up or a running brand, either way it’s all the same. We manufacture on a first come first served basis, however big or small you may be. 

Everybody’s collection is treated with the same care & respect, the same attention to detail. Nothing is left out. Only the highest quality fabrics & accessories will be used.

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Sampling Process


Working from your hand over your collection will pass through many technicians & different departments till they are checked & approved & ready for dispatch.

On average, 90% of custom-made swimwear is approved the first time around. Upon your inspection, you may decide some styles require servicing.

Easy, clearly marked hand overs are handled from start to delivery in approx. 4 weeks.

Our fees include all the pattern making costs, fabric and trims from stock to the finished garment.  We charge $70 sampling fee per style.

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Make your design in our shapes

We have hundreds shapes available for you.

You can customize them with your colors, prints and  accessories.  They are also suitable for minor modifications.


Minimum order quantity (MOQ)

You may order from 300 units per style, but the minimum order must be at least Usd$ 2.500.

Each style can have up to 4 different colors or prints

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Ordering Bulk

As soon as you have approved your samples, we take 4 weeks  in the Manufacturing Process.




As soon as your order is ready for dispatch, we will contact you to check on your delivery address & day time phone number.We ship your merchandise to any city in the world


We always use DHL.

Once your order is complete, we deliver up to 24 hours to United States and up to 72 hours to Europe

Contact Us

Contact Us

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